Surprise DIY Backyard Wedding // Dana + George

Dana and George have such an incredible story! They had been together for 7 years and were planning a rad Engagement Party! They are one of the most down-to-earth couples ever and they have a puppy and three hairless cats that are basically their babies and super adorable! About seven weeks before the party, they said screw it - let's get married! So they had it all worked out that they would surprise all their guests at the party and announce that it's actually their WEDDING! Dana is not your typical bride and she didn't want the whole fancy ordeal (which I loved). Dana planned everything basically single-handedly and put together all the incredible details herself! The centerpieces. The lounge area with the couch and pillows and rug. The food and dessert tables. Her bouquet. The floral arch for the ceremony. Everything! Oh and I love that she opted for a crystal crown, such a unique touch and she pulled it off so well! Her ring is also incredibly gorgeous!! Dana and George are also vegan and had incredible vegan Mexican food and all vegan desserts (fun fact is that I have a severe milk protein allergy so I definitely appreciate vegan desserts)! I shot her brother's wedding not long before that and I had to keep the whole thing a secret from everyone!  

So the plan was that everyone would come over, it would just appear to be their Engagement Party, Dana was in a more casual dress, and at some point she would change into her incredible wedding dress and her dad made the big announcement to everyone (even most of the close family members were not in on the surprise). Dana was such a beautiful bride with her detailed wedding dress, her crystal crown, her DIY bouquet, and just her overall gorgeous look with her dusty rose pink hair, her colorful tattoos, and incredible facial jewelry! She's also an incredible hair stylist, check out her amazing work at Hair By Dana Tinoco! Her dad even officiated the wedding and her brother walked her down the aisle (cue the crying!). It was such a wonderful day filled with love and surprises!

Sarah MezaComment