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Hi there! I'm Sarah...

I'm so excited you're here! I am an Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photographer based in Southern California (currently in Long Beach, CA) but I'm always down for worldwide travel! I love capturing moments that are organic and real and I would consider my style dark and moody - I am not into artificial or traditional posing or fancy lights in a studio. I want to capture the quirky, the silly, the embarrassing, the hidden smiles, the tears, and the laughs. I'm all about those in-between moments and all the wonderfully raw and authentic pieces of you and your love for each other. I'm basically a professional third wheel and I love when couples will allow themselves to be vulnerable and intimate and let me into their special moments. 

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The basics:

- Married to the love of my life
- I want to eat carbs for every meal all the time, like, all the carbs
- I love outdoor adventures/hiking/backpacking/camping
- My brother and I communicate exclusively through The Office references
- I'm obsessed with notebooks, fancy pens, and doodling
- I studied Psychology in college
- I'm an INFJ

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Me & Hubby.


I'm the lucky gal who married the love of my life and high school sweetheart (Santiago)! Our wedding day was one of the best days of our lives and our honeymoon in Cancun was incredible - we can't wait to go back! We love random weekend getaways, hiking, camping, backpacking, traveling, binging on our Netflix shows, and EATING (duh)! One day we want to design our dream home, with puppies, bunnies (that one may be just me), and a few little Mezas running around!

Some of my FAVORITES at the moment...

MusicLord Huron // Canyon City // Sleeping At Last // Airborne Toxic Event
BooksThe Fault in Our Stars // Harry Potter Series
MoviesAbout Time // One Day // The Prestige
Food: CARBS. CARBS. CARBS. Burgers.. Fries. Tamales. Burritos. Mom's food.

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