Sarah Linda Photography

Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Creating and capturing an adventurous wedding experience that actually feels like YOU - with none of the fluff and all of the magic!

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adventurous // authentic // intimate // vulnerable // moments

Your day should be about YOU and YOUR love.
Everything else is background noise.


You deserve the day of your DREAMS!

Most couples don’t think they can have a day that really feels like them.
I help you craft an incredible experience from start to finish.
So you can have an epic stress-fee wedding day that’s about YOU!

A big traditional stressful hectic wedding day?


I get it.

I’m here to help you.

Create an incredible and unforgettable day.
That’s all about YOU and YOUR LOVE.
Filled with the things that are important to you.
The things you love to do.

Celebrate what a wedding day should REALLY be about.

No expectations. No stress. No drama.

You’ll be EXCITED about it, instead of just waiting for it to be over.
So you’ll actually ENJOY your day.
Because you deserve the day of YOUR DREAMS, not someone else’s.



So, how does this work?

As SOON as you reach out to me - I’m all in!

I’ll help you find the location(s) you’re dreaming of.

I’ll help you craft a day (or multiple days) that excites you from start to finish.

I’ll help you find other vendors.

Hang out with you on your freaking kickass day.

Document the magical memories for you.

And then we *cheers* to forever!

I. Am. Not. Just. Your.

I’ll HELP YOU with everything and be so much more than
that person taking your photos!
I want to rock your DREAM DAY together!

I’ll get EXCITED with you when you pick out your dress.
I’ll CRY with you during your vows.
Oh, and yes, I’ll have a DRINK with you!